Ivanka Trump Wants To Be The First Woman U.S. President, According To Explosive Book “Fire And Fury”

According to Michael Wolff’s explosive book Fire and Fury, which outlines what went on behind the scenes in the White House during President Trump’s first year in office, first daughter Ivanka Trump has presidential aspirations of her own, and so does her husband, Jared Kushner. If the chance to run ever comes, the two allegedly agreed that Ivanka would be the first to take a shot.

The revealing passage comes during a section of the book covering the couple’s thinking regarding whether Jared should accept an official position in the administration, something Wolff writes “almost everybody” advised him against.

Jared and Ivanka had made an earnest deal with themselves: if sometime in the future the time came, she’d be the one to run for president (or the first one of them to take the shot). The first woman president, Ivanka entertained, would not be Hillary Clinton, it would be Ivanka Trump.

The section is immediately followed by a quote of former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon mocking the couple — who he nicknamed “Jarvanka” — for entertaining such an idea. “They didn’t actually say that? Stop,” he allegedly told Wolff. “Oh come on. They didn’t actually say that? Please don’t tell me that. Oh my god.”

Wolff’s book prompted a heated feud between Trump and Bannon this week after released excerpts revealed that Bannon described Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer as “treasonous.”

While Wolff has a reputation for being a sleazy and unreliable journalist, he claims he can back up the stories in his book with “hours and hours” of recordings of his interviews with Bannon and other top White House officials. Some of his interviewees are already claiming to have been unaware that they were being taped, though Wolff denies this.