Joy Reid Immediately Shuts Down Trump Defender For Claiming The FBI Has Pro-Clinton Bias

Donald Trump defender and Washington Examiner contributor Jen Kerns said Saturday that if the Russia investigation has proven anything, it’s that the FBI and Department of Justice have a pro-Hillary Clinton bias.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid immediately shut her down, busting her for not having any evidence to make such a claim.


The exchange between Reid and Kerns:

KERNS: During the course of the Russia investigation, we now know and it’s been exposed that there was an extreme environment of political bias at both the FBI and the DOJ and that during that time period that Hillary Clinton was last being investigated, she may have been given a pass due to this political bias.


REID: You mean the political bias that caused the FBI director to come out 11 days before the election and … probably throw the election to Donald Trump by publicly announcing an investigation against her? How does Jim Comey essentially throwing the election in some ways to Donald Trump by announcing this and reopening investigation against her, how was that biased in her favor? And remember, Donald Trump originally said the reason he fired Comey was because Comey was so incredibly unfair to Hillary Clinton.


KERNS: But we also know James Comey watered down some of the initial statements.


REID: How do you know that? Based on what?


KERNS: This has come out during the course of the investigation.



REID: What source? What committee? Because you can’t just quote things out of thin air.


KERNS: I’m not sure which committee offhand.


REID: We can’t put that into the public record because there is no evidence of that. I’ve been following Russia-gate since last July. There’s no such thing.

The exchange between Reid and Kerns provided a snapshot of the new Republican strategy, which is clearly to divert attention away from the ongoing investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and again focus on attacking Hillary Clinton based on old conspiracy theories.

Waging phony investigations and attacking the FBI and Justice Department may temporarily muddy the waters and divert public attention, but it’s not going to distract Robert Mueller’s special counsel team in their ongoing inquiry.

With each passing day, the investigation continues to build its case against Trump and his associates – whether it’s for possible collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice. Reviving already-debunked Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories won’t save them.