Fake President Moves His Fake News Awards Show From Monday To January 17

Trump announced on Sunday that he is moving his latest effort to distract the country via fake news awards show from Monday to Wednesday.

Trump tweeted:

The interest that Trump referred to came from late night comedians mocking the neurotic president.

The Daily Show took out a full-page ad nominating themselves:

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee wants to be nominated for shrillest reporting:

Late Night with Steven Colbert has a billboard in Times Square:

No one is interested in Trump’s desperate and pathetic attempts to fight with the media.

The United States has real problems that need to be solved, but the wasting his time trying to embarrass the media with a fake awards show.

The fake president is trying to distract the nation with a fake awards show, and every single elected and Republican candidate for office needs to be asked to defend this behavior.