Trump Shows His Delusional State Is Worsening After Jake Tapper Throws Stephen Miller Off Of CNN

Trump’s delusions are deepening as he first compared himself to Ronald Reagan and then celebrated Stephen Miller getting thrown off of CNN by Jake Tapper as some sort of victory.

Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump doesn’t have to “put up” with anything. All presidents have books written about them. Most presidents don’t like the books that are written about them, but they ignore the books and get on with the job of running the country. Trump is incapable of functioning like a normal human being, so he is obsessing over the book and distracting the entire nation with his drama.

Oh, and only an idiot would think that Trump is Ronald Reagan. He isn’t even in the same galaxy as Reagan, who was actually liked and had a formidable team working for him in his White House.

It was the second tweet that showed just how far gone Trump is:

Trump is acting like he is at war with cable news. He is the ultimate cable news junkie who is laying in bed cheering or booing the coverage that he gets. Miller didn’t destroy Jake Tapper. Trump’s adviser got thrown off the air because he wasn’t answering questions and spent the whole segment sucking up to Trump. It wasn’t a destruction, but a humiliation for Trump and his White House.

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The President is getting worse. He is becoming even more detached from reality, and the nation needs to rise up as one to deal with the threat of such an unstable presence in the White House.