After Criticizing NFL Players For Kneeling, Trump Doesn’t Know The Words To The National Anthem

Trump has spent months criticizing NFL players for protesting injustice and discrimination in the US justice system by kneeling during the national anthem, but at the college football national championship game, Trump tried to sing along but appeared not to know the words to the anthem.


You can see Trump’s brain going something, something, something, and coming up empty as he tries to think of the words. At a time when there is open speculation on the president’s mental stability, with some discussion of whether or not Trump is showing early signs of dementia, this was the last thing the White House needed.

The next time Trump spouts off on Twitter about an African-American athlete protesting during the national anthem, keep in mind that the protester knows the words to the song, and is exercising their liberties and freedoms.

Trump wanted to give himself a photo-op at the national championship game, but all he did was add fuel to the speculation that he is not of sound mind and should be removed from the presidency ASAP.