Oprah 2020 Could Be Real As Winfrey Is Seriously Considering Running For President

Oprah Winfrey is seriously considering running for president in 2020, as Trump biggest nightmare could come in the form of Oprah 2020.


CNN’s Brian Stelter reported, “For the past few hours since that speech last night I’ve been calling, reaching out to some of Oprah Winfrey’s close friends, business associates, counterparts trying to found out how real this is. The #oprah2020 trending on Twitter, chatter her speech at the Golden Globes sounded presidential. According to two of her close friends, she is actively thinking about running for president in 2020. That doesn’t mean she’s made up her mind. I’m told she has not made up her mind. While it seems premature to make any decision given we haven’t seen the midterm elections. She is being told by the inner circle to consider it seriously. One described the conversation with Oprah where they were trying to urge her to go ahead and think about running, laying out the case for an Oprah Winfrey presidency. Of course, some of it is obvious. She is a self-made woman, of course, a very rich, wealthy woman, well-known all around the world, in some ways what president trump is not in terms of her status, her stature, her celebrity, especially among women and minority groups. She’s the anti-Trump, but she’s also a TV star like trump, a lot of factors here but the headline is that these close friends have been urging her to run for months and she is actively thinking about it.”

Oprah with her connection to the Obamas would be a difficult candidate for any Democrat to beat in a primary. She has the kind of potential that could quickly thin the 2020 Democratic primary field.

Obama’s Iowa 2012 campaign manager has already reached out to Winfrey:

A speech like this doesn’t happen by accident:

Oprah gave the sort of soaring speech full of history, hope, and vision that the country hasn’t seen since Obama left office. Oprah Winfrey has the potential to electrify the country if she runs. If Democrats are looking for a candidate who can blow Trump meager celebrity out of the water, and restore hope to America, it wouldn’t be surprising if the movement to draft Oprah swept the nation like wildfire.