Rachel Maddow Sends Republicans Reeling By Exposing Why The GOP’s Russia Scandal Argument Has Collapsed

Rachel Maddow explained why one move from Dianne Feinstein sent Republicans reeling and their entire argument against the Russia investigation tumbling down.


Maddow said, “Here is Diane Feinstein saying quote, to my knowledge, there is not a single fact that’s proven to be incorrect, and what we got today from her releasing these 312 pages against the wishes of Republicans is a clear, readable statement about where the dossier, in fact, came from, how it came to be this former British intelligence agent was engaged by this American company to talk to people in Russia about Trump’s business trips there and about the Russian government’s interest and involvement in the prudential election involving Trump. If your counter-argument against the whole Russia investigation that threatens this presidency, if your whole counter-argument is that the dossier produced by Fusion GPS is corrupt and not credible and the whole investigation springs from that, if that’s what you’re counting on, it is existentially damaging to that argument to have the public learn in detail how that thing actually came to be. And why the people who created it believed its credibility at the time and how they handled the information as they received it and why they all stand by it now.”

Republicans only had one argument, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein killed it when she released the Fusion GPS transcript. The GOP was trying to pull a chapter from their standard playbook of created a fake counter scandal to take attention away from their own scandal. Trump is trying to make this same move by having Hillary Clinton investigated.

The purpose is to create a both sides do it narrative. Republicans don’t use this tactic to distract from their own troubles. They are out to create a false equivalency. Sure, Trump has a Russia problem, but that’s nothing compared to the Clinton Foundation.

Thanks to Dianne Feinstein that argument is dead, and Republicans have nowhere left to go, but down with Trump.