Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls For An Investigation Of Hillary Clinton For Beating Trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the Russia investigation nothing while claiming that Hillary Clinton committed the real collusion, which was another way of saying the White House wants Clinton investigated because she won the popular vote.


Huckabee Sanders said, “I think had he we waste the amount of time that we have on something like this that’s been very clear from the beginning that there is absolutely nothing to, if we want to look at places where there may be collusion I think our administration has outlined where we think any special counsel should be focused. It’s certainly not on this president or the president’s campaign.”

We all know that the White House is sticking to their widely debunked conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia and the FBI during the election, but there is another element to this story. Trump’s White House is also trying to take away legitimacy from Hillary Clinton popular vote victory. In their view, since Clinton “colluded” during the election, she cheated to win the popular vote.

All of this defies logic and common sense. There were zero meetings between the Clinton campaign and Russians, but there are dozens of documented contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians.

Yet, the White House wants the American people to believe that Hillary Clinton is the real colluder.

Trump is mad that Clinton won the popular vote. One suspects that his jealousy is a part of why the White House wants her investigation.

Even if Hillary Clinton were to be investigated, Donald Trump will never be a legitimate president.