Trump Staged A Meeting To Prove His Leadership Instead He Looked Like A One Term President

The image coming away from Trump’s staged meeting at the White House was that the country would be better off if the president just stayed in his bedroom and watched TV.

Here is how CNN’s Anderson Cooper summed it up:

Cooper said, “This afternoon, president trump let the cameras stay for a bipartisan meeting at the white house on immigration. It was carely staged managed, no doubt about it. It was showing the president work and command on complicated issues and has potential and obvious pitfalls but it was done to counter the narrative that this is a president working and not a president cooped up in his residence and tweeting. At the same time, for nearly an hour, what must be said was pretty gripping television. Viewers, as well as the lawmakers, also saw some of the president’s characteristics, his fogginess on policy details and his eagerness during face-to-face moments to be liked.”

There was nothing settled and nothing agreed to, as Trump had no ideas of his own on immigration. He looked like a man who was in a room where he didn’t belong. If this staged meeting was designed to prove that Trump is on the job and competent, it failed. Trump looked worse in the eyes of the nation than if the cameras would not have been there.

Trump is a president who follows, which is ironic because Republicans spent years criticizing Obama for “following from behind.”

Great presidents have vision.

Donald Trump is an indecisive old man who really isn’t interested in doing the job of being president.

It is difficult to see how if Trump makes it to 2020, he looks like anything but a lame duck president.

Trump isn’t a leader. He’s a one termer.