Watch This Amazing Clip From Chuck Todd Showing How Clueless Trump Really Is

NBC’s Chuck Todd played a clip of Trump agreeing to a clean DACA bill and then having no idea what he agreed to, or what a clean bill is.


Todd played the clip of Trump agreeing to a clean DACA bill, and said, ” Mccarthy was basically trying to protect the president from a conservative mutiny. What later became clear is that the president didn’t have any idea of what he was agreeing to because he didn’t understand what a clean bill meant. He later told us what we thought a clean DACA bill meant.”

Trump gave his definition of a clean bill, “To me, a clean bill is a bill of DACA, we take care of them and we also take care of security.”

Todd explained what a clean bill is, “For what it’s worth that’s not clean. Clean is just DACA. It is a little Washington speak.”

These are things that Donald Trump should know, but he doesn’t know because he refuses to read, listen, or study. Trump had plenty of time to learn the basic terminology and prepare himself to govern, but instead of taking the job seriously he spent his time tweeting, golfing, and watching Fox News. Trump is completely unequipped for the job and the center of federal governmental dysfunction because he lacks the basic knowledge needed to communicate and make decisions.

Clips like those that Chuck Todd played are proof that Michael Wolff’s portrait of Trump is more accurate than anyone in the White House wants to believe. The moron president is sinking America with his arrogant stupidity.

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