Chuck Todd Tells Un-American Trump We All Came From S**thole Countries

NBC’s Chuck Todd hit the nail on the head when he told un-American Trump that we are a nation where everyone came from s-hole countries.


Todd said, “By the way, we’re a country that all came from S hole countries and that period of time. And we all feel whatever. That’s the whole idea. The larger idea.”

Republicans have a real problem. No one, except for the racists, is going to want to stand with the “sh*thole countries” president. Todd was right. What Trump said was fundamentally un-American. A president who praises Putin regularly and refuses to say a bad word about Russia is also an opponent of America being the shining city on the hill, the beacon of freedom, and the land where immigrants can come to make their dreams of a better life come true.

There was already a blue wave coming to get Republicans in the midterms. That wave just became an angry tsunami as Trump has betrayed America’s most fundamental values. Americans are ready to fight back.

It is time to send the s**thead back to his tacky gold-plated tower.