Lawrence O’Donnell Says What The Media Won’t By Calling Out Trump Hate Filled And Failing Brain

Lawrence O’Donnell went straight to a subject other members of the media are afraid to touch. O’Donnell discussed in detail Trump’s hate-filled and failing brain.


O’Donnell said, “Donald Trump knows nothing about where we all came from. And he is a man consumed by hatreds and we can see him consumed by hatreds every day, individual hatreds like his newfound hatred of Steve Bannon as well as group hatreds from mention conditions to muslims and hating countries is second nature to Donald Trump. Hating is what he does. There are 54 African countries Donald Trump surely cannot name more than 2 of them. But he knows what he thinks about all of them. Every country in Africa and he said that today. It’s not the first time we got a look into this poisoned section of the president’s brain. The president’s failing brain. I say failing brain because it’s a brain that fails public intelligence tests every single day. It may also be failing for medical or other reasons but it fails right before our eyes. Every day which is why the lead editorial The New York Times today is, is Mr. Trump nuts? The New York Times has never considered such a question about the president of the united States before and tonight “The New York Times” has even more reason to raise that issue. But none of us, none of us can claim to be surprised by what Donald Trump said today because he said it all before in various ways.”

America is faced with a question that it has never faced before. What happens to the nation when the man who took an oath to lead it has a brain that is both hate-filled and failing?

The portrait that the White House and Trump allies were trying to paint just two days ago of a man who is competent and in charge now seems quaint and outdated. The real Donald Trump is a man with a failing mind who is driven by hatreds and prejudices. There was never a master strategy to use hatred to divide the country.

We know that Trump isn’t that smart. Trump’s hate and prejudice against people for their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation was never planned. It is just who he is, and the fact that so many Americans voted for this broken hate machine says more about them than it does about Trump.

Trump’s brain is failing, and he is taking America along for the ride.

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