Nicolle Wallace Obliterates Ignorant Trump With An Awesome 47 Second FISA Fact Check

Nicolle Wallace laid the facts about the 702 provision of FISA and revealed the depth of Trump’s ignorance and recklessness on national security.


Wallace, “A quick fact check. No, this is not the act that’s been used to abuse the Trump campaign. This is the act that’s been used to save countless American lives. In conversations with three former national security officials who served at the highest levels of the last two administrations, that tweet was described as having rattled national security and counterterrorism officials. One, describing it as amazing in its absolute ignorance. Another suggesting that the most alarming thing about the president’s tweet is that it proves he’s influenced by the last person he talks to on any topic. In this case, Rand Paul or Fox News. And the third individual confirming that the amount of actionable intelligence gathered on the very intelligence program Donald Trump disparaged on Twitter was, “a ton.”

It is easy to look at Trump’s FISA tweet as just another day in the life of Americans under the most incompetent president in history, but it is so much more than that. Trump’s FISA ignorance was a reminder that this very lazy and ignorant individual has control of the nation’s national security apparatus. Trump almost cost the country dearly with his stupidity.

No matter how one feels about FISA, everyone can agree that the President Of The United States should know and understand the law. Trump plunged the country into chaos because Fox News got him all riled up. America is living on the edge because every day is a national security risk with Trump in the White House.