In Press Conference Disaster Sarah Huckabee Sanders Admits Semi-Literate Trump Gets His Info From Fox

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about Trump seeing things on Fox News and then tweeting about them. Instead of denying this cause and effect, Sanders suggested that the reporter was upset because Trump doesn’t watch more CNN.


Sanders was asked about Trump getting info from Fox News and then tweeting.

This was her answer, “I’m sure you’re disappointed he’s not watching CNN….The answer to the question specifically. Let’s not. In response to the question I just said, the president who a great deal of understanding. Top of mind. He talked about it last week. He issued a president’s memo on it. It’s not something that just happened this morning. It’s an ongoing discussion and something of great importance. The president doesn’t believe that Americans rights or liberties should be abused, but he certainly believes that Americans should be protected. He wants to make sure we do both of those things, and that’s why he supports the 702 but he has concerns with FISA more generally.”

After the White House spent the past two days holding staged events to make it appear that Trump is working and knows what he is talking about, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press that yes, Trump spends his time watching Fox News and tweeting about what he sees. Trump is reading briefing books or gathering information to make critical decisions for the country. The President is sitting on his backside, watching Fox News, and tweeting.

Trump is the Fox News presidency. Fox News is making policy decisions for the feeble and intellectually underequipped president.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ non-denial reinforced the notion that Trump is an uninformed moron who spends his time golfing, tweeting, and watching Fox News.

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