More Trump Racism Surfaces From Oval Office Meeting: ‘Why Do We Need More Haitians?’

Just when we thought Donald Trump’s bigoted comments from Thursday’s Oval Office meeting couldn’t get any worse, new reporting added fuel to the racist dumpster fire.

Not only did Trump refer to Haiti, El Salvador and other places in Africa as “shithole countries, but according to updated reporting from the Washington Post, the president asked those in the same meeting, “Why do we need more Haitians?”

The Post added that Trump told lawmakers in the room that they should “take them out” of any possible deal on immigration. 

According to the report: “Lawmakers were taken aback by the comments, according to people familiar with their reactions.”

More recently, NBC News reported that at least one person in the room spoke up and told the president that if he were to “take [Haitians] out” of the country, it would be obvious why he was doing so – a suggestion to Trump that his racism is quite obvious.

More from NBC’s Peter Alexander, citing Kasie Hunt and Frank Thorp:

As I wrote earlier, this is part of the pattern of racism that Trump has displayed since taking office and, before that, throughout his campaign. Sadly, it will likely be treated like all the president’s previous spewings: Trump says something overtly racist or outrageous, there is an immediate bipartisan outrage, and then all things return to normal.

But there is absolutely nothing normal about this rhetoric, and now that this disgusting worldview is being used to create actual policy, it’s particularly dangerous.

During the campaign, Trump said he would be the “champion” of Haitian Americans, even if they didn’t vote for him. Now that he’s actually in the Oval Office, he is plotting ways to remove these same people from the country.