Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee Calls For Trump’s Impeachment Or Removal Over S-Hole Countries Outburst

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) called out Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for their lack of patriotic leadership and said that actions need to be taken to get Trump out of office.


Jackson Lee said, “Where is Speaker Ryan? Where is McConnell? Not for Republican politics, but for the leadership role, the patriotic role in which they hold on this nation. I am outraged, but I will spend my weekend trying to promote and advocate for the goodness of what Dr. King stands for. But I believe that this is a direct evidence of the instability of this president and actions need to be taken as related to that instability. ”

Ryan and McConnell are doing what they always do during Trump caused storms. They are laying low and waiting for it all to blow over. All that is missing from the Republican congressional leadership is the boilerplate message of concern that they always issue after Trump goes racist.

Rep. Jackson Lee was right to focus on Ryan and McConnell because it is time to teach Republicans that enabling the white power racist president will cost them their jobs. For a wide variety of reasons, Trump impeachment or removal from office is worth exploring. Until Democrats take back Congress, the only way to get to impeachment is by coming after Ryan and McConnell.

It is not enough to say Trump is racist or condemn his remarks. Republicans must be forced to choose between action or their own removal from office.

Anything less will just perpetuate the status quo.