Trump Runs Away As Reporters Ask Him If He’s A Racist At MLK Day Proclamation Event

Trump ignored questions from reporters asking if he was going to apologize and if he is a racist after he signed the MLK holiday proclamation.


As Trump left the room reporters asked:

Mr. President, will you give an apology for the statement yesterday?

Mr. President, did you refer to —

Mr. President —

Mr. President, will you.

Mr. President, are you a racist?

When Trump was asked if he is a racist, his response was to ignore the questions, shake a few hands, and make a beeline for the door. If Trump’s really didn’t say that we should get rid of Haitian immigrants and refer to African countries as s-hole countries, then he could have turned to the assembled press in the room, looked straight into the camera, and denied the reports.

The fact that Trump didn’t deny the comments suggests that they are true.

Like all racists, Trump lacks the courage to defend his views in front of the world in the full light of the day.

Only a racist coward would ignore the questions and run, but that is exactly what Donald Trump chose to do.