Ted Lieu Warns Trump That He’s In Deep Legal Trouble As Steve Bannon Could Be The Next To Flip


Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu warned Donald Trump on Saturday that he and high-level associates look to be in increasing legal trouble as Steve Bannon could be the next ex-Trump official to flip on the president.

According to Lieu, Bannon is likely to join Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos in cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller and flip on the president.



Rep. Lieu said:

Let me first say that I believe high-level Trump associates, including potentially the president himself, are in increasing legal jeopardy. That’s because insiders have turned on them. We already know that Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos have flipped and are cooperating with the special counsel. And now we know that Steve Bannon is going to fully cooperate with House investigators. This is at a time when Steve Bannon has been abandoned by the president and his allies. We all look forward to what he’s doing to say.

Like Lieu said, as Trump continues to burn bridges and abandon his former associates, there is nothing forcing them to remain loyal to this White House.

In fact, the Russia investigation has turned into an every-man-for-himself situation, where in order to save their own skin, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Bannon and potentially others will throw the president and his allies under the bus.

It’s still not fully clear what these ex-Trump associates have given to Mueller, but it’s increasingly obvious that they are now working in their own self-interest – not out of loyalty for the president.

As the congressman said on Saturday, that’s a dangerous place for this White House to be.