After Being Kicked Off Show, Trump Supporting Pastor Tells Joy Reid To Move To Haiti

Shortly after MSNBC’s Joy Reid laid an epic smackdown on Trump supporting pastor Mark Burns and eventually kicked him off the show, Burns fled to the safety of his Twitter page to attack the cable news host.

In the video, the pastor told Reid that she should “move to Haiti since she’s more concerned about Haitian immigrants than black Americans here in poverty.”

The full video:

A portion of Burns’s post-interview comments:

Just wanted to say to Joy, who I consider a friend, she’s always been very kind and I think fair to me, but I think obviously in the interview you just saw, if you watched Joy Reid, that she should just move to Haiti since she’s more concerned about Haitian immigrants than black Americans here in poverty, in America. IF you’re so concerned about the Haitians then you should move to Haiti and donate your checks to those families who are in need in Haiti.

The offensive attack on Reid by Burns comes after Reid called him out for using religion to defend both Trump’s racist “shithole” comment and his policy position that the United States should send Haitians back to their country.

“If the country is so broken, then how can you as a man of God justify sending people back to that country?” Reid asked during the interview.

Burns didn’t have an adequate response and the interview unraveled from there, with the MSNBC host eventually ending the interview by telling the pastor, “You’re wasting my time. Goodbye.”

In an on-air response to Burns’ Twitter video, Reid said this, quoting a verse of the Bible: “‘Let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and in truth’ and that is what I’m doing when I’m concerned about the people of the world.”

Mark Burns can call himself a pastor all he wants. He can selectively quote the Bible and claim that he’s doing God’s work. But let’s be clear: There is not a holy book in the world that justifies Trump’s heinous comments this week, his actions as president, or his lifetime of personal conduct as a man.