Lawrence O’Donnell Surgically Dissects Trump’s Insane Claim That He Is The Least Racist Person

On MSNBC’s The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell took apart Trump’s statement that he is the least racist person to reveal a president who is not only racist but also a pathological liar who isn’t sane.


O’Donnell said, “That I can tell you. With the nod. That I can tell you. That is one of Donald Trump’s many tells. Whenever he says, that I can tell you, he is lying. Believe me is another one of his tells. Whenever he says, believe me, you know he’s lying. When he’s lying, he reaches for that little something extra. The crazier the lie, the more he needs the believes me or that I can tell you. So one of the most overtly racist presidents since the abolition of slavery says I’m not racist. Because he’s a pathological liar, he could never be content with no, no, I am not a racist. That’s what he first said. The reason he’s not content with that sentence is because it does not sound believable, even to him. And so, the twisted mind of the used car salesman, real estate salesman, casino operator, hustler is always trying to lay something on top of a simple statement of fact that simply does not sound believable. Like Donald Trump saying, no, no, I am not a racist. It is because Donald Trump knows that that does not sound believable that he goes to the utterly insane length of adding the utterly insane statement, I am the least racist person. And because he is, and has been for decades, a deeply dysfunctional pathological liar, he has no idea that saying, I am the least racist person not only does not sound believable, it does not sound sane. Would a sane person ever say that? Would someone who is not a racist ever say, I am the least racist person? It never makes sense to say you are the most or least anything.”

It was such a simple statement from Trump, but as O’Donnell pointed out, it said so much about how far detached Donald Trump is from reality. Trump like the way other people breathe. The President Of The United States can’t separate fact from fiction. Trump knew that he was lying when said that he was the least racist person, but Donald Trump is driven by the constant compulsion to sell himself as the best at everything, so it wasn’t enough for Trump to say that he isn’t racist. He had to be the least racist person ever.

Everything has to an over the top glorification of self for Trump, which is why he is so easily misled and manipulated. Anyone who sells the fantasy of greatness to Trump gets to control the man.

Insane pathological liars make really bad presidents. If more members of the media told the truth about Trump, America would be well on the way to righting a great electoral wrong and truly making the country great again.

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