Trump Hides On A Golf Course, Attacks Dick Durbin, And Uses The Military To Cover His Racism

While hiding in his private club, Trump attacked Sen. Dick Durbin who he blamed for blowing up the DACA deal and tried to use the military as a shield to deflect his racism.

Trump tweeted:

There are more accounts confirming Trump’s racist attack on African countries and immigrants than there are denials. In fact, the denials are not Trump didn’t say s-hole countries, but that Senators like Tom Cotton didn’t hear Trump say s-hole countries. There is a big difference between a denial that vouches for the president’s version of events, and one that says well, I didn’t hear it.

Obviously, the plan is the same as every other Trump plan. The president is going to attack the credibility of the messenger. The fact that Trump also tried to blame Durbin for the DACA deal that he destroyed is both pathetic and hysterically funny. Trump wants the country to believe that Durbin blew up a deal that he helped to negotiate.

Donald Trump is about to shut down the government because he wants to deport the Dreamers, but he is trying to hide this racism behind the military.

There has never been a weaker, more cowardly president than Trump, and the coward is about to force a shutdown showdown that he not win.