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Eric Trump Freaks Out and Has A Russia Scandal Meltdown On Fox News

The Trump family is freaking out over Russia as Eric Trump tried to reassure his dad’s supporters that everything was fine, but what came out of his mouth was a frenzied rant about the media, the 2016 election, and an unmistakable tone of distraction and panic.


Eric Trump said on Fox News’ Hannity, “How about going back to the beginning where Donna Brazil is giving the question to Hilary before the debate. Can you imagine if that happened to my father? He would have been disqualified at that moment. There’d be nothing left let alone the fake dossiers and here’s a reality of what happened. You had a better candidate who was far more competent and worked much harder despite having one-seventh the amount of money who blew the other person out of the water. They need an excuse. They needed a way to justify their loss. If you look at the democratic party right now, they have no message, no leadership, no talent.”

The Trump family is going with the whole Trump defense of distracting with Hillary Clinton, throw it back to the 2016 election, and claiming the Russia investigation is based on falsehoods.

Eric Trump sounded insane. There have been numerous reports that Trump is obsessed with the Russia scandal, but it goes beyond Trump and extends to his entire family, which makes sense because if the Special Counsel investigates the financial transactions of the Trump Organization all of the kids who are involved in the business could be going down.

The Trumps are in panic mode. They have never been in a situation where they are the focus of an investigation like Mueller’s. The whole point of the interview was to keep the delusion alive with the base that the Russia scandal is a partisan plot, which is a signal that Trump isn’t trying to govern. He is trying to keep himself and his family out of federal prison.

Eric Trump can say everything is fine, but the tone of his voice told a very different story.

The Trumps know that they are trapped and sinking fast.

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