Steve Bannon Got Subpoenaed By House Republicans After He Refused To Answer White House Questions

Steve Bannon got subpoenaed by House Republicans after he refused to answer questions about the Trump transition and White House in front of the Intelligence Committee.

Fox News reported:
In the now hours-long, ongoing interview conducted by investigators for the House Intelligence Committee, Bannon’s attorney told lawmakers that the White House directed his client not to answer questions about his time in the White House or during the transition.

Sources told Fox News Bannon did not invoke any sort of legal “privilege,” including executive privilege, to support this refusal.

The sources told Fox News that lawmakers grilled Bannon and his attorney over their refusal to answer. At that point, some members of the committee recommended subpoenas for Bannon, and documents related to the issues.

Bannon is very chatty, so it surprising that he went quiet. It isn’t a shock that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to talk to Bannon, because he was such a central figure in the campaign, and after the book Fire And Fury, it was only a matter of time until Mueller came calling with a subpoena in hand.

Steve Bannon has seen his dreams of dominating the political world collapse. Now he is an unemployed guy who is facing down two subpoenas from people asking questions that he doesn’t want to answer.

Bannon’s refusal to talk about what happened during the transition and in the White House should be a red flag to all investigators, and it is also a reminder that the crime that may bring Trump down is obstruction of justice not illegal campaign coordination with Russia.