White House Propaganda Crumbles As Doctor Admits Trump Hasn’t Had A Psychological Evaluation

The physical that Donald Trump took is all well and good, but the biggest question that Americans have about him doesn’t relate to his physical health, but if he is psychologically fit.


The White House is going to try to spin the results of Trump’s physical into an argument that he is fit for office, but this exchange showed that the physical wasn’t geared to address the biggest concern about Trump:

Q: Just to make sure we’re clear on this, when you analyzed his cognitive ability, neurological functions, that’s not the same thing as a psychiatric exam or psychological.

A: It is not. It’s a screening assessment for cognitive impairment.

If you were to ask 100 people to name the concerns that they have about Trump as president, not one of them would mention his physical health. At least two-thirds of them would mention his mental and emotional health.

Donald Trump should be able to pass a physical. He was born rich. He has the best healthcare for his life. Most presidents are wealthy by the time they reach the White House. It isn’t big news that a rich man who gets the best healthcare in the world is healthy.

When Trump comes back with clean psychological evaluation, that will be big news. Until then, don’t let the White House sell the myth that Donald Trump is 100% healthy and fit for the presidency because his behavior has consistently demonstrated that psychologically and emotionally there are serious unanswered questions about Trump.