Sen. Jeff Flake Commands The National Spotlights And Blisters Trump’s Lies From The Senate Floor

Sen. Jeff Flake took to the Senate floor to deliver a speech blistering Trump’s conspiracies and lies while warning Republicans of the destruction that they are enabling under this president.


Sen. Flake (R-AZ) said:

It is not my purpose here to inventory all the unofficial untruths of the past year, but a brief survey is in order. Some untruths are trivial, such as a bizarre contention regarding the crowd size at last year’s inaugural. But some untruths are not at all trivial, such as the Seminole untruths of the president’s political career, the oft-repeated conspiracies about the birthplace of President Obama and rigged elections and massive voter fraud which are as destructive as they are inaccurate. To undermine confidence in the federal court, the federal law enforcement, and the free press, to perhaps the most vexing untruth of all, the supposed hoax at the heart of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

To be very clear to call the Russian matter a hoax as the president has done many times is a falsehood, we know the attacks during the election by the Russian government are real. It is in the interest of every American to get to the bottom of this matter, wherever the investigation leads. Ignoring or denying the truth about hostile Russian intention towards the United States leave us vulnerable to future attacks, we are told by our intelligence agencies that these attacks are ongoing, but there has not been a single cabinet meeting regarding Russian interference and how to guard against these attacks, not one. What sounds like social so casual and routine it has now become the white noise of Washington is, in fact, a serious lapse in the defense of our country. Mr. President, let us be clear, the impulses underlying such untruths are not denying, they have eroded trust in our vital institutions, the destructive effects of this kind of behavior on our democracy cannot be overstated.

Flake urged his Republican colleagues to stop enabling Trump’s lies. He asked his fellow Republicans to put party ahead of country and stand up for truth in 2018.

Sen. Flake is fighting an impossible fight. Republican live in a bubble that has been reinforced by the Trump presidency. Facts no longer exist for many Congressional Republicans. The facts to these Republicans are what their voters, president, and Fox News viewers will believe.

In a real-world application, the denial of facts has led Republicans to ignore their duties of national governance to cater to what the 32%-35% of Americans who live in the bubble want.

It is a tyranny of the willfully delusional minority, and Jeff Flake’s speech will echo in the conservative bubble like the pleas of a lonely voice screaming the truth in a forest of lies.

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