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Rachel Maddow Can’t Stop Laughing At The Absurdity Of Trump Vacationing As The Government Shuts Down

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow can only laugh as the federal government is about to shut down and Donald Trump has announced that he is going to spend the weekend at his club in Florida.


Maddow said, “One thing to watch if there is going to be a federal government shutdown tomorrow, we just learned that the president is going to Florida. He’s going to mar-a-lago tomorrow. Apparently he’s not that concerned. And we also believe the vice president Mike pence is leaving tomorrow to go to the middle East. So that means he’s not that concerned. And it also implies they’re not going to need Mike pence to be an extra vote as a tie breaker in the United States senate. Depends on whether this stuff keeps you up at nights, whether this stuff worries you. But the president is going back to his Florida club.”

All there is left to do now is laugh. Trump has abandoned all pretense of being in charge and governing. Millions of people are about to be impacted by a shutdown, and Trump is running off to Florida.

Republicans can’t possibly say with a straight face that Trump is leading the country when he runs away during the government shutdown that he caused.

If Obama had done this, Republicans would draw up articles of impeachment. Since it’s Trump, Republicans shrug while silently admitting to themselves that the country is better off with him on the golf course instead of the Oval Office.

One can only laugh at the fact that Republicans are stuck trying to pass off dead weight Trump as a real president.

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