Gutless Trump Spouts Typo Filled Shutdown Gibberish As He Prepares To Flee To Florida

Trump has declined to lead the country and thrown a typo-filled fit aimed at Democrats over the looming government shutdown, and he gets ready to hide out at his Florida club.

Trump tweeted:

Trump appears to be suggesting that a government shutdown will lead to more Republican victories, because voters are going to blame Democrats and throw them out of office, or he could be stringing random half-thoughts together that whip up the fear of immigrants, blame Democrats for the government shutdown, and also express the need for more Republican victories.

The lack of clarity in this tweet is why the federal government is heading for a shutdown. Presidents are supposed to lead the path to an agreement in times of crisis, but Trump doesn’t make any sense, and it is impossible to understand what he is talking about.

The President should be in the White House working around the clock to get a deal, but Trump is packing his bags to flee to his club in Florida. If the government shuts down, no one can be sure when Trump will come back.

America needs leadership, but instead, we’ve got Donald Trump.