MSNBC’s Brian Williams Compares Republican Control Of Congress To Government By Drunks

MSNBC’s Brian Williams compared the bumbling and stumbling Republicans to government by drunks as the nation heads for a government shutdown.


Brian Williams is right. America is being governed by drunks

At the risk of offending drunks because they might actually be able to do a better job that Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, it is like the country is the backseat of a Uber that picked us up last January 20, and we knew before we got in the car that this driver had problems, but now we are locking in the back with a drunk behind the wheel, and he is incapable of giving directions or driving in a straight line.

Mitch McConnell keeps saying that he doesn’t know what Trump wants, which makes two of them, because Trump doesn’t know what he wants either.

The country is being governed by drunks, but they aren’t getting their buzz off of booze. These drunks are hooked on Russian cash, dark money from US billionaires, and the love of right wing extremist barflies.

The day is coming when sober people will have a chance to take back the wheel, but for now, welcome to government by GOP drunks.