With New Tweet Trump Shows He No Idea What’s Going On With The Government Shutdown

Trump showed once again that he is completely clueless as to what legislation is on the table to avoid a government shutdown.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is again pretending to be leading the charge, but the bill that he says would be best was already passed in the House. It is also the same bill that the President trashed yesterday for only being a 30-day extension of CHIP. (It wasn’t.)

It is impossible to cut a deal with a president who has no idea what is happening around. A normal and competent president would already be well versed in the policy options and poised to make a decision. Donald Trump doesn’t know what the policy options are. He just wants to pretend like he is in charge and look like he is making a deal.

Democrats aren’t idiots. They know that Trump’s word is worthless, but they also know that if they get Trump to voice for their priorities, McConnell and Ryan will have no choice, but to go along.