Trump Is Blowing A Gasket Because The Shutdown Is Keeping Him from His Mar-a-Lago Party

President Trump understands what’s at stake right now, as we sit on the precipice of a government shutdown: His presidential inaugural anniversary party in Mar-a-Lago.

According to a source speaking to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Trump is furious about the shutdown, which is “messing up his anniversary and keeping him from going to Mar-a-Lago for his party.”

What’s at stake right now? There’s no way to encompass all of that in one article, but a shutdown would furlough hundreds of thousands of federal workers and close down landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty.

People will be temporarily laid off. Other Americans will be working without pay. Essential government services will not be available. For example, Social Security applications won’t be processed, and the government processes 50,000 per day. None of this matters to Trump, who is more worried about missing his private party than the people who will suffer during his shutdown.

If Trump would do his job, none of this would be happening. People could die of the flu because this president has a party to get to, so the vaccination program will have to shut down.

A President, any President – from President George W. Bush to Barack Obama, cares when the country they oversee is about to be shut down.

Not this President. He’s furious and he’s thinking about his anniversary party. The anniversary of his inauguration. To be President. Trump wants to celebrate himself winning, as he ignores the actual job.

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