Michael Wolff Hints That Trump Is Having Affairs In The White House

On Real Time With Bill Maher, Fire And Fury author Michael Wolff suggested that Trump is having affairs in the White House.

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Here was the exchange between Maher and Wolff:

Bill: I thought one of the biggest adjustments for him was he moves into the white house, he can’t play — he has hotels he goes to golf tournaments, all these places he can get together with his mistresses, that’s harder to do in the white house, that’s probably why he’s so fast off all the time.

Wolff: There are backdoors and backdoors.

Bill: There are backdoors? It’s a gay at liaison? I didn’t think of that. Sean Spicer!

Wolff: If I can get into the White House, pornstars can get to the White House.

Does anyone still believe that Trump is still capable of having sex? This is a guy who needs a golf cart when he meets with foreign leaders because he can’t walk a few feet without getting winded. This is a president who starts his work day at 11 AM and is done by 4 PM because he needs “executive time.”

There is some overall truth to Wolff’s portrait of Trump, but it strains credibility to believe that Trump is capable of sexual activity much less organizing and taking part is illicit affairs.

The idea that he is cheating on his wife sounds like a lie that the weak and failing president would tell to make himself seem energetic.

I’m not buying it.

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