White House Releases Pictures Of Trump Laughing And Smiling During Government Shutdown

The White House released pictures of Trump and the White House staff laughing and smiling as millions of Americans are about be harmed by the Trump Shutdown.

Here are the pictures from The White House as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Trump tries to sell more hats, while on the phone:

A picture of Trump walking somewhere, probably to find a TV with Fox News on it:

Trump laughing it up with the White House staff as millions of people are about to be impacted by the shutdown that he caused:

What is the White House laughing about?

They just unleashed a crisis of their own making. Now is not the time for laughter.

Notice that in none of the pictures is Trump in a meeting with Congressional leadership to end the shutdown. Donald Trump is “working,” and by working the White House means roaming around, talking on the phone, and laughing it up with staff. Trump is just hanging out and waiting for the shutdown to end. It’s like he isn’t even president.

Never in modern presidential history has an administration tried to release photographic evidence to prove that their president is working during a crisis. However, the Trump administration couldn’t even get their propaganda right as none of the photos show Trump doing anything to resolve the shutdown.

The photos are proof that Trump is enjoying the government shutdown that he caused.

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