Trump Shut The Government Down And Now He’s Gone Into Hiding

Trump has vanished and held zero public events since he caused the government to shut down.

In contrast to Trump’s vanishing act, Obama delivered multiple statements on the 2013 government shutdown:


Bill Clinton spoke the country about the 1995-1996 government shutdowns:

Donald Trump has gone into hiding.

Trump has held zero public events, taken zero questions from reporters, and has not spoken to the nation at all about the government shutdown. In fact, Trump has been seen in public since the government shutdown.

Trump has vanished since the government shut down

Here is Trump’s public schedule for Monday:

Trump has nothing public scheduled for Monday. Even though he stayed in Washington and missed his private party, Trump had no public events on Saturday or Sunday. Trump isn’t meeting with Congressional leaders to work toward a solution to end the shutdown. Trump has not done anything to brief the nation on the crisis or apply political pressure to get a deal done.

Trump has been vocal on Twitter since the government shut down, but the nation needs more from a president than a handful of tweets blaming Democrats and some retweets of praise that aired on Fox News. The White House doesn’t want to admit it, but Donald Trump is in hiding. It would surprise no one if it turned out that Trump spent the weekend talking to his friends on the phone, tweeting, eating cheeseburgers, and watching Fox News.

When the going got tough, Trump vanished from public view which proved once again that Donald Trump is a pretender, not a president.