Nancy Pelosi Is Urging House Democrats To Vote NO On Senate’s Deal To End The Shutdown

Even though it appears the government will be re-opened today, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer are urging their caucus to vote “No” on the current CR plan.

“Democrats face a huge battle in the House because they are more extreme,” a House Democratic aide told PoliticusUSA early Monday afternoon.

The Democratic concern over the Right wing extremism that grips the House explains why the leaders urged Democrats to vote “No” in their leadership meeting late Monday morning.

The issues at stake are numerous. MSNBC’s Joy Reid pointed out that even if the Senate succeeds, House Speaker Paul Ryan would be facing a lot of backlash were he to even put an immigration bill on the floor in defiance of the controlling, extremist Tea Party wing.

Democrats have to walk a fine line negotiating with Republicans, who have long since driven off the cliff of sanity and bipartisanship. Democrats obviously want to fund the government, but they are up against a lot of Republican-held hostages.

Republicans have long relied upon Leader Pelosi to bail them out of their legislative quagmires for the good of the country.

Democrats need to stand strong, given the far-right extremism of the Republicans in the House. But in the Senate, Democrats also face a history of recent broken promises and bad faith negotiations by Republicans. These are precarious waters with a lot at stake.