Trump Is MIA And Doing Nothing To Help End The Government Shutdown

Trump is doing nothing to help end the government shutdown. The President Of The United States has been a spectator while his Chief of Staff John Kelly and adviser Stephen Miller call the shots.

Video of MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle reporting that Trump is not involved in working to end the shutdown:

Ruhle said, “This morning, the president — well, the self-proclaimed dealmaker remains largely absent in the effort to end this shutdown. At the same time, my own inside source inside the White House and multiple other reports indicate White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and senior White House aide Steven Miller; they’re calling the shots this weekend. A senior administration official tells NBC news that Kelly and Miller pushed the president away from a compromise after his Friday meeting with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and back toward their hardline stance on immigration.”

The shutdown could end today if McConnell and Ryan gave the bipartisan bill to protect Dreamers a vote followed by a signature from Trump. That’s all it would take. Republicans could end this government shutdown at any moment. The problem is that Trump is being led around by the nose by people who have no legislative experience and no idea what they are doing.

The Senate is one piece of the puzzle. Until there are agreements in the House and White House, this shutdown does not end. Democratic Senators should vote no today because what McConnell is offering is a bad deal. They can do better. Democrats shouldn’t vote to fund the government until Mitch McConnell until they have a public promise and a scheduled date for the vote. If McConnell agrees, House Democrats need to demand the same thing from Speaker Paul Ryan.

Trump could end this in a minute, but instead of leading the president is hiding out and waiting for the storm that he caused by shutting down the government to blow over.