Adam Schiff Shreds GOP For Not Reading The Documents Used To Create Phony Memo

Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff slammed GOP committee chairman Devin Nunes on Wednesday not only because he is pushing a phony memo meant to trash the FBI, but also because Nunes and his GOP colleagues didn’t even read the documents used to create said memo.

“The point was they didn’t care what was in the underlying documents,” Schiff told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. “They wanted to make a political statement and feed the beast on Fox News.”




When a baffled Chris Hayes asked Schiff why Nunes and Republicans voted against allowing its party members to read the source documents, Schiff explained:

The point was they didn’t care what was in the underlying documents. They wanted to make a political statement and feed the beast on Fox News. They wanted to do what they could to derail the Mueller investigation. At the end of the day, it was more important to them to circle the wagons around the president than it was to support the men and women of the FBI, support an objective pursuit of the truth in the investigation by Mueller and by our committee. It was unfortunately a continuation of much of what we’re seeing since the beginning. That is a priority on attacking the investigation rather than determining what Russia did and what help they may have had from the Trump campaign.

As Schiff said, Republicans – with the help of an always-willing-to-help Fox News – have repeatedly ginned up phony scandals in order to distract from potential crimes committed by the president and also to derail the Mueller probe.


In this case, Nunes claims to have sensitive information about a faction of the FBI that is secretly plotting to take down Donald Trump. The only snag is that the Republican congressman refuses to share the memo with anybody else – and he hasn’t even read the source material himself, according to Schiff.

Instead, Nunes just seemingly drafted a memo on the fly in order to play politics and throw red meat to Fox News-watching Trump supporters.

Given the seriousness of this investigation and the importance of a strong, independent FBI, this egregious behavior is stunning, even for Devin Nunes who lost his credibility long ago.