Nicolle Wallace Just Nailed The GOP For Committing ‘Political Suicide’ By Smearing The FBI

MSNBC Republican analyst Nicolle Wallace blasted members of her own party on Wednesday, saying they are committing “political suicide” by working tirelessly to smear and discredit the FBI to protect Donald Trump.

Wallace said that what the GOP is doing is a sure sign of desperation, and it has the potential to destroy the party brand in the long term.


Wallace said:

If you remember, that convention speech that Donald Trump gave in Cleveland, it was so shocking because it had at its center law and order. That was the theme of his candidacy. The FBI, just as an institution, is sort of center-right. They’re mostly libertarians. The agents in question, they hated every politician. There were anti-Bernie messages, anti-Chelsea Clinton messages, anti-Eric Holder messages, anti-Loretta Lynch messages. The fact that the Republicans have put the entire Republican Party brand on the line to smear and assassinate the character of the entire FBI over text messages between two agents who were having an affair, one of them disparaged everyone, is political suicide.

As The Hill noted yesterday, “The knives are out for the FBI on Capitol Hill,” and it’s largely a GOP effort to distract from the ongoing focus on potential Trump crimes.

The report continued: “Conservative lawmakers from four separate committees are raising alarm bells about a tranche of missing text messages between two FBI agents assigned to the investigation into Russia and President Trump’s campaign, saying it calls into ‘further question the credibility and objectivity of certain officials at the FBI.'”

As Wallace pointed, though, this focus on FBI text messages is a desperate GOP diversion from the explosion of developments that have come out in recent days related to the ongoing Russia/obstruction investigation.

Whether it’s the news that Trump put pressure on his current FBI director to fire the deputy director or the fact that Mueller has interviewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it’s clear that the investigation is closer to Trump than previously thought. Smearing the FBI and trying to discredit the entire special counsel investigation is all Trump and his Fox News defenders can do.

With the president next in line to talk to Mueller, Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress are desperate and grasping at straws.