Dem Congressman Says GOP Colleagues Must Have Been Drunk While Writing Phony FBI Memo

Democratic Rep. Jim Himes slammed the phony FBI memo on Thursday, saying it reads like it was written by a person who was “two whiskeys into the bag.”

The congressman shredded his Republican colleagues for trading their integrity for “a momentary sugar high” of supporting and protecting Donald Trump from Robert Mueller’s escalating Russia investigation.


Rep. Himes blasted the Republicans:

It’s astonishing, Chris. When mouth-breathers like Hannity and Pirro throw this stuff up on television, it doesn’t surprise me. But when you’ve got people like Mark Meadows, United States senators like Ron Johnson, who should know better, perpetuating this idea as Sen. Johnson said, that there’s corruption at the top of the FBI based on a memo that, having read it, you would hope that whoever wrote that was a couple of whiskeys into the bag. That memo, of course, being based on intelligence that none of these people have reviewed, it’s astonishing. What they’ve done is traded their integrity, senators and congressmen have traded their integrity and historical legacy for a momentary sugar high of supporting a president who would not support them in any instance whatsoever. It’s astonishing to watch.

Republicans in both chambers of Congress, with the help of their friends at Fox News, have seized on the memo – spearheaded by Trump puppet Devin Nunes – as proof that the FBI is secretly plotting to take Donald Trump’s presidency down.

The only problem, as Himes noted, is that it’s based on intel that none of the outraged Republicans or deranged right-wing media pundits have even read.

Simply put, the recent effort by the GOP and Trump TV correlates perfectly with the increasingly explosive nature of Mueller’s ongoing investigation, which is now as close to Trump as it’s ever been.

Republicans know a big shoe is about to drop on this president, and they are trying to discredit the intelligence community before it does – even if that means risking national security.