Lawrence O’Donnell Can Barely Contain His Joy As He Describes Mueller Knowing That Trump Tried To Fire Him

Lawrence O’Donnell was all smiles as he explained Trump’s self-created obstruction of justice predicament now that the president knows that Robert Mueller knows that Trump tried to fire him.


O’Donnell said, “It says Robert Mueller learned about it in recent months as his team interviewed current and former white house officials in his inquiry about whether the president obstructed justice. So Robert Mueller knows. Robert Mueller knows that the president tried to fire him. Robert Mueller wants to interview the president in his investigation into possible obstruction of justice by the president, and he knows that one of the pieces of evidence of obstruction of justice is that the president tried to fire him. The president’s firing of FBI director James Comey provoked the appointment of the special prosecutor, who is investigating the president for obstruction of justice because of the firing of James Comey. And now we know the president tried to fire the special prosecutor himself. And now Donald Trump knows that the special prosecutor knows that the president tried to fire him. Is the president still eager tonight, as he says he was last night, to be interviewed by the special prosecutor who knows the president tried to fire him?”

Only a true idiot would try to fire the special prosecutor as they are being investigated for obstruction of justice. This isn’t rocket science. There is historical precedent for what happens to presidents who go on Saturday Night Massacres to kill investigations. It doesn’t end well for the president.

Trump probably believed that Robert Mueller didn’t know that he tried to fire him. Trump was likely psyching himself up to go in there and confront Mueller with some his 1980’s alpha male bluster, but all of that has gone out of the window now because Robert Mueller knows, and the fact that Mueller knows only strengths the obstruction of justice case against Trump.

Trump is on the fast lane to impeachment, thanks to his own actions, and a special counsel who knows more than the president ever could have imagined.