Top Senate Intelligence Committee Democrat Says Trump Is Acting Like He’s Got Something To Hide

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) warned that Trump is acting like a man with something to hide, which is why the investigators must be allowed to finish their job.


On CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Sen. Warner (D-VA) said, “Well, I respond, first of all, I’ve tried to give the president the benefit of the doubt but, boy, you’ve got a pattern here. You got a pattern that he wanted James Comey to back off the investigation of General Flynn. When he didn’t, he fired him. You got a pattern where he got mad at the attorney general for recusing himself and ended up pressuring the attorney general to try to fire another senior FBI official Andrew Mccabe. And you have a pattern where the president’s allies have been going out with outrageous claims in the last few weeks trying to basically undermine the overall image of the FBI and the Department of Justice. Now you’ve got this evidence coming out that the president at least wanted and intended to fire Bob Mueller himself. These are not the actions of an individual who doesn’t have something to hide. The president keeps saying there’s no there there. Well, there’s no there there, let these investigations, including our bipartisan Senate intelligence investigation, finish our job.”

An innocent person who was falsely accused of criminal activity would not be trying to derail the investigation. An innocent person would want to have their name cleared and would be welcoming the investigation, instead of trying to obstruct it. Trump is acting like he is guilty and Sen. Warner was correct. Congress must pass the bipartisan bill to protect the special counsel. The pattern is as plain as the nose on your face. Trump is interfering in the Russia scandal, and he must be stopped to save our democracy.