Trump Howls Of Fake News Aren’t A Denial That He Tried To Fire Robert Mueller

Trump’s response that The New York Times story that he tried to fire Robert Mueller is fake news did not come with a White House or a formal denial that the president ordered the firing of the Special Counsel.


Trump responded to the story by saying, “Fake news. Typical New York Times fake stories.”

Trump Was trying to distract from his order to fire Mueller>/h1>

By calling the story “fake news,” Trump was trying to shift attention away from his behavior and question the credibility of the media. This shoot the messenger technique is one of Trump favorite ploys. The president is trying to create a distraction. He wants people to focus on The New York Times and not his actions. Trump wants people to debate the validity of the story because talking about the story means that his efforts to fire the special counsel aren’t being discussed.

The White House has issued no formal or official denial of the story. Trump’s claim that it is fake news wasn’t a denial. The President has never denied that he tried to fire Robert Mueller in the past. When Trump is asked about it, he answers in the present tense.

Beneath the smokescreens, there hasn’t been a strong denial of the story, which suggests that the story is true.

The fake news con isn’t working, as all eyes are on Donald Trump’s illegal efforts to save his own skin and kin from Russia justice.