Lindsey Graham Warns That Trump’s Presidency Will End If He Fires Robert Mueller

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned the White House that if Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller without cause, his presidency will be finished.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

RADDATZ: So, Senator Graham, you believe the stories about McGahn, about President Trump?

GRAHAM: I don’t know. I believe it’s something that Mueller should look at. We’re not just going to say it’s fake news and move on. Mueller is the best person to look at it, not me opine about something I don’t know. I’m sure that there will be an investigation around whether or not President Trump did try to fire Mr. Mueller. We know that he didn’t fire Mr. Mueller. We know that if he tried to, it would be the end of his presidency.

So, at the end of the day, let Mr. Mueller do his job and see if we can fix a broken immigration system.

If Trump fires Mueller, he will lose the moderates

Graham’s belief that Trump is toast along with fellow Republican moderate Sen. Susan Collins of Maine shifting toward supporting a bill to protect the Special Counsel shows that Trump area of concern is with the middle. Trump is increasingly pushing away the moderates who are all that stands between him and removal from office. If the Senate moderates leave Trump, it’s over.

Sen. Graham was correct. The Congress will have no choice but to act if Trump fires Mueller, and being that the midterm election is coming up quickly, Trump is running out of time. If Trump removes Mueller before the midterms, Republicans who are trying to save their seats will move to restore the Special Counsel, or else they will be the first ones to go down with the Trump ship.

The moment that Trump fires Mueller, he will be a dead president walking, and his presidency will be toast.