Trump Humiliates Himself When Asked About Climate Change During Softball Interview

The White House will only allow Trump to do interviews with friendly journalists and the world got a taste of when Trump answered a softball question on climate change like a drunk 4-year-old.

Trump was asked if he believed in climate change.

This was Trump’s answer:

Trump thinks global warming and climate change are the same things. Scientists didn’t wake up one morning and decide to change the name from global warming to climate change. Global warming is the rising temperature of the planet. Climate change is the term used for a wide variety outcomes that are caused by the rising temperatures of the Earth.

When it is warm in winter, it is not evidence that there is no climate change as deniers insist. In fact, extreme weather events are caused by changes in the climate. Trump has no grasp of the issue, but Fox News has told him that there is no such thing as climate change, so that is what the president believes. Trump can’t even answer softball yes or no questions without embarrassing himself.

It would be a comfort in one respect to be able to blame Trump’s ignorance on something being wrong with his brain because the alternative is that one of the dumbest people in the universe is leading the world’s only superpower.

Soon Trump will be able to do no televised interviews. As the president is no longer able to answer questions from friends without it being a disaster.