Trump Is So Stupid That He Thinks That Paris Climate Accord Is An Agreement With France

In a moment of illuminating stupidity, Trump said that he would be open to getting the US back into the Paris Climate Accord because he likes the president of France.

Bloomberg News reported:

“The Paris accord, for us, would have been a disaster,” Trump said in excerpts of an interview with Piers Morgan on the U.K. television network ITV that will be broadcast later on Sunday. “Would I go back in? Yeah, I’d go back in. I like, as you know, I like Emmanuel” Macron.

Trump also claimed that the ice caps were melting, but now they are setting records. No one has any idea what that means, and the president seems not to know that the Paris Accord is not a climate change agreement with France, but a global agreement to combat climate change.

It is bad enough that Trump‘s ignorance dominates American news cycles, but the president said this in an international interview, which means that the stupid has gone global. Trump is supposed to be representing the United States of America, but he has no grasp of the most basic terminology of the issues. Whether or not Trump likes the president of France should have nothing to do with the Paris Accord as policy, but to President Jell-O everything comes down to whether he likes something, or more importantly how much praise someone heaps on him.

Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about which is why the only deals he’ll ever negotiate for America will be bad.

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