In A Symbol Of Their Half Assed Incompetence, Republicans Misspell State Of The Union On Trump Tickets

The sloppiness and inattention to detail that characterizes Republican-controlled Washington manifested themselves again as House Republicans managed to misspell State Of The Union on the Trump SOTU tickets.

Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted out the ticket:

MSNBC’s Deadline: White House discussed the sloppiness:

There is no excuse for this type of mistake, but these errors are a daily event in Trump’s Washington. White House press releases routinely contain spelling error and names spelled incorrectly. There is a daily attitude from the top down in the White House that no one cares about getting the details right.

It is a symptom of what is a much larger problem. It is the sort of attitude that allows for the passed of rushed and secret tax cut bill in a few weeks as no one in majority expresses any concern about the potential for unintended consequences. It is a president who is always unprepared and a danger in front of a live microphone and constantly changing policy positions that cause a government shutdown.

The American people should have zero confidence that this administration and the congressional majority would be able to handle a real crisis or a terrorist attack. These little errors that go unchecked all add up to an incompetent group of people who don’t give a damn.

If this trend continues into 2020, don’t be surprised if competence becomes a major issue in the next presidential election, because America deserves a president who will get the details right.