Chris Christie Doesn’t Want Trump To Be Questioned By Mueller, Says Mueller Is Not “Someone To Be Trifled With”

Former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is continuing to fill his role as a Trump lackey. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Russia interfered with the 2016 election and Trump’s long list of Russian ties,  Christie said the president shouldn’t do a face-to-face interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller because he believes there isn’t enough evidence to warrant an in-person interview.

In response to the question of what Trump has to fear about the special counsel, Christie also said Mueller isn’t the kind of man one should play games with.

“Robert Mueller is not someone to be trifled with,” he said on Good Morning America. “And he’s not someone who takes lightly the words of anybody who he’s looking at.”

Explaining why he doesn’t feel Trump should sit down with Mueller, Christie said, “I don’t think there’s been any credible allegations against the president of the United States. And I don’t think the president of the Untied States, unless there are credible allegations, which I don’t believe there are, should be sitting across from a special counsel.”

Trump’s lawyers have been trying to find ways to avoid an in-person interview with Mueller for weeks. Their goal is to score either a “handwritten interview” in which Trump is provided the questions in writing and submits his responses, or a “hybrid” testimony in which he’ll answer some questions in person and others — probably definitely the hardest ones — in writing.

Christie’s comment sounds more like he knows Trump could never make it out of a Mueller interview without incriminating himself and therefore thinks Trump should avoid it altogether.

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