Adam Schiff Just Took Down Devin Nunes By Releasing The Memo Meeting Transcript

Rep. Adam Schiff released the transcript from the House Intelligence Committee meeting on releasing the memo, and in one critical exchange Democrats took out Trump stooge Devin Nunes.

Here is the vital exchange in the transcript:

Rep. Quigley: But let me ask you another question with the greatest respect. When you, as the majority, conceived of doing this memo for release to the body and to the public, the preparation, the thought of doing it, the consultation of it, was any of this done after/during conversations or consultations with anyone in the White House? Did they have any idea you were doing this? Did they talk about doing this with you? Did they suggest it? Did you suggest it to them? Did you consult in deciding how to go forward with this before, during, and after this point right now?

Rep. Nunes: I would just answer, as far as I know, no.

Rep. Quigley: Mr. Chairman, does that mean that none of the staff members that worked for the majority had any consultation, communication at all with the White House?

Rep. Nunes: The chair is not going to entertain a question by another member. (23-24)

Nunes wouldn’t answer the question when asked if his staff worked with the White House on the memo. The memo has no credibility. It is the latest attempt by Trump to use his puppet chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to discredit and destroy the Russia investigation. The Democrats are exposing the fraud that the Republicans and their president are perpetrating against the American people.

The transcript doesn’t lie. The memo is an abuse of power by Nunes that should be prosecuted. There are many Republican accessories to the cover-up of potential crimes, and none will deserve what will finally come to them than Rep. Devin Nunes.