Trump Speeds Toward Impeachment By Asking Rod Rosenstein If He Is On His Team

CNN’s report that Trump asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if he was on his team is has gashed the Trump presidency less than 24 hours after the State Of The Union.

CNN reported:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein visited the White House in December seeking President Donald Trump’s help. The top Justice Department official in the Russia investigation wanted Trump’s support in fighting off document demands from House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes.

But the President had other priorities ahead of a key appearance by Rosenstein on the Hill, according to sources familiar with the meeting. Trump wanted to know where the special counsel’s Russia investigation was heading. And he wanted to know whether Rosenstein “was on my team.”


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what Trump wanted and what he was asking for. Trump wanted a pledge of loyalty from Rosenstein. He was seeking assurance that Rosenstein was going to protect him from the Russia investigation. We’ve seen this pattern before from Trump. He asked James Comey for loyalty. He questioned the loyalty of Andrew McCabe.

Trump is obsessed with finding someone who will protect him from the Russia investigation, but as he tries to cover-up his crimes, the President is also leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to follow.

Donald Trump is moving at warp speed toward impeachment, and each day he gets a little closer to triggering a national constitutional crisis.

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