Former Clinton Adviser: Republicans Are Powerless To Stall The 2018 Democratic Wave

Former Clinton Adviser Phillipe Reines said what everyone is thinking. There is nothing out there that can stall a 2018 Democratic wave.


Reines said on MSNBC when asked by Katy Tur if anything can stall the Democratic wave, “Honestly no. I’m not supposed to say that and raise expectations but I think if you look at what happening with the exception of the tax cut and with the exception of the market, which are not insignificant exceptions, but I think if people were not feeling so much richer from the stock market which is odd since many of them aren’t in the stock market but think they are, there is no question that president trump’s party is heading for a shellacking. And if I were President Trump, I don’t know that I would be that upset about that. I think the worst they do — at the end of the year, probably the more helpful for him if he could avoid impeachment or other unpleasantries for 2020.”

It is unimaginable that Trump would be rooting for a Democratic takeover of Congress, because of the Russia scandal, but it is interesting that Democrats have so much momentum that the only unanswered question isn’t whether there will be a Democratic wave, but how big will the Democratic wave be? Republicans are still struggling to field candidates in many contests around the country. Their fundraising is miserable, and unlike in 2016, Trump’s pal Putin won’t be as much help because even the Russia government doesn’t have resources to interfere in nearly 500 separate elections.

The biggest reason why the wave is coming is that Trump can’t stop antagonizing voters to come out against him. The wave isn’t about economics or policies. It is about Trump, and as long as Trump continues to attack and divide, the American people will be ready to fight back on Election Day. The wave is coming, and Trump backlash is the fuel that drives it.

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