Adam Schiff Just Called Paul Ryan A Spineless Coward Who Won’t Stand Up To Trump And Nunes

Rep. Adam Schiff said that Trump and Nunes are getting away with corrupting our government with the memo because Paul Ryan is being pushed around by Trump.


Schiff said, “Our system in the house is only as good as the speaker who is willing to uphold the system, and sadly the speaker has allowed himself to — I think pushed into a corner by the chairman. He hasn’t been willing to stand up to the chairman or the president and that has undermined the institution. But there’s no basis now to disclose this altered document because the committee did not vote to release an altered document.”

When asked if Ryan had anything to do with the memo, Rep. Schiff said, ” I would presume that this whole gambit of releasing this memo, this spin memo by the Republicans was approved by the speaker.”
Paul Ryan is the biggest reason why Trump has been able to use Republicans in the House in his Russia cover-up. Ryan has abandoned his duties as speaker to the Constitution and stabbed the intelligence community in the back.

Rep. Schiff was right. Donald Trump is the biggest problem, but it is Paul Ryan the corruption of Republicans in Congress that has allowed this cover-up to move forward.

Paul Ryan has betrayed his country and enabled a president that Putin got elected to stay in office.

The stain that is being placed on the Republican Party will never be washed away.

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